Sweet Notifications for
Web 3.0 🍯

EthAlert sends notification to a webhook as soon as the event hits. The notifications can be conditionally formatted.

EthAlert logs

Get Notified

Listen to any contract’s event, customize your alert and get notified to your webhook or discord, slack, etc.



Create a project to get started with. We support 10+ EVM based networks.

Add Alert

Add event based alert. Alerts can be customized with custom filters.

Get Notified

Get notified on your webhook or discord or slack.

Ideal Usecases

Some example use cases to get kickstarted...


Get notified about your uni v3 position. Always keep current price in a range and earn fees 24 x 7.


Get notified before your position gets liquidated.


Keep track of your each and every transactions from your wallet.


Check your position liquidation health anytime.
and ♾️